The Best Products for Glowing Skin

glowing skin

Now that life is (finally) almost back to normal, going out will be a thing again! What better way to feel confident than having glowing skin? Here are some of our favourite products to get that glow this summer!


alitura body lotion organic

Alitura’s Body Lotion provides moisture that lasts while deeply protecting from harsh environmental pollutants that can age and damage skin. It uses exotic ingredients like Organic Green Coffee Oil, Organic Brazilian Acai Butter and Organic Australian Sandalwood to inspire optimal skin health, while promoting a crystal-clear complexion and baby-soft texture.

agent nateur h o l i bath coconut

Agent Nateur h o l i ( b a t h ) is a luxurious blend of nourishing coconut milk, soothing salts, and nurturing plant extracts that was formulated to calm the body and rejuvenate the skin. Enriched with ingredients containing relaxing natural minerals and organic compounds, holi (bath) softens, hydrates, tightens and smooths from head to toe.

Big Bottle 2.2L

Big Bottle, because water will always be the #1 ingredient for glowing skin!

Basd Coffee Scrub

Basd Coffee Body Scrub is a natural and organic exfoliator is rich in vitamins and natural oils to leave you feeling smooth and soft. The sea salt & organic coconut sugar help to further wash away dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of puffiness!


Ready for glowing skin?