Upgrade your water/tea/coffee/matcha/smoothie!

If you’re already drinking a lot of water, or having a regular morning tea/coffee, or a post-workout smoothie, you could get even more benefits from those drinks by adding a few drops or a scoop of the following!

drinking water

Rainbow Lion’s Mane Tincture: Made to be taken everyday, this tincture acts as a natural nootropic -improving mood, memory and focus while also providing protection against age-related cognitive decline.

Rainbo Mushrooms Lion's Mane Tincture 

Good Goddess Sedatonic Anti-Anxiety Tincture: Ashwagandha is used as a rejuvenation tonic in traditional Ayurveda. This adaptogenic herb helps relieve environmental anxiety and stress. Sedatonic could support a more calming sleep and improve memory.

 Good Goddess Sedatonic Ashwaganda Tincture

Good Goddess Powerful Collagen: Watch your skin revitalize, your nails grow and your bones strengthen. This flavourless, dissolving type 1 and 3 collagen peptides are short-chain amino-acids-derived collagen protein from grass-fed cows and contain zero antibiotics, hormones, artificial sweeteners or GMOs. Powderful contains an extensive amino-acids profile, including Lysine, the main rebuilder of collagen in the skin.

 Good Goddess Powderful Grass-Fed Collagen

Ready for an upgrade?