Alitura Santal Black

Alitura Santal Black

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The Best All-Purpose Skin & Body Oil – 3.40z (100ml)

Designed to ignite the senses, Santal Black is a unique and multifaceted skin and body oil. The intoxicating aroma is a Divine blend of both Indian and Australian Sandalwood, with the subtle spice of organic black pepper rounded out with a sweet whisper of Madagascar Vanilla. Perfect for a uniquely nourishing everyday fragrance or to provide optimal skin hydration for the whole body, this addictive skin elixir of botanical extracts and essential oils will keep you asking for more.


Simply dispense 1-2 pumps into palms and massage into desired area(s.)


  • Experience deep moisturizing hydration, great for the face, body and hair.
  • The addicting aroma and alternative to deodorant, the essential oils help to mitigate odor through balancing hormones and removing toxins naturally.
  • Makes an exceptional massage oi
  • Deep conditioning leave in hair treatment at night or during the day while out in the su
  • It makes an incredibly decadent Beard oil that will leave you with a nice sheen as well as scent
  • Add a few pumps into your Clay Mask Mix